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How To Join

So you want to join The HomelingsĀ®.

Glorious! Prior to Home closing, we used to have the following requirements. Some are still relevant.

First, you must have a respectful attitude towards others. You must also have a desire to have fun, and to make new friends.

The second was that you must obtain an Echochrome suit. This was done by playing the Echochrome Arcade game located in the Bowling Alley within Home.
Obviously, this is no longer a requirement.
To win the suit, you would have had to score 2000+ points on level A. (It's wasn't hard if you paid attention to the directions.)

You may also have liked to get the FREE Homeling Head Extender virtual item on Home from the Lockwood Store. It was under LKWD, then Headgear, Hats.

In Home, if you felt that you'd like to meet Homelings before acquiring the suit - it was not a problem :)

You could then create your Homeling Avatar.

Ok then! Once you had made it that far, you'd be almost in the Glory!

Next, you would find an officer*. Officers wore headsets, and many of them wore Kimono skirts. When in doubt, you could have asked any Homeling to direct you to the nearest officer.

After introductions, the officer would assimilate you into the Collective. Assimilation is a brief ceremony and de-briefing, and was usually followed by an informal dance party.
Once the Assimilation was completed, the officer would have assigned you to a Mothership* (clubhouse). He or she would also have given you details about our website, Fluidic Space.
Since much of our interaction is on the website, we strongly encourage new members to create an account and participate.

We welcome all respectful beings. Join us!

You could have requested to join a Mothership while in Home.
Main Menu > Options > Clubs > Search Clubs > Start Search > Apply to Join

To do this you would have:
  1. Pressed the START button on your controller while in any Home space. This took you to your PDA
  2. While in the PDA, you would go to the "Social" icon. Press X
  3. Scroll down to Clubs. Press X
  4. Scroll down to Search Clubs. Press X
  5. Go to Start Search. Press X
  6. Go to Name. Press X
  7. Type in the name* of the clubhouse* you are searching for
  8. Go to OK. Press X
  9. If your search was successful, you would have been given options. Continue. Press X
  10. Scroll down to Send Join Request. Press X

*You could then have applied to the Mothership (Clubhouse):

Although you would likely not have been alerted of an immediate invitation to a Mothership (Clubhouse), Collective Administrators would convey your interest, and you would have received
a message from a Homeling Officer in a timely manner.
May your current quest be rewarded with glory :)

If you are interested in making contact, you can write to homelings@gmail.com and a Homeling Administrator will assist you.

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