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What We Do

So what do Homelings® do?

The simple answer is, they have fun. Having fun is so important to Homelings® that it is one of the rules of the Collective: the Rule of Fun.
This rule is equal in importance to the Rule of Respect -- respect for all other beings on Home.

Homeling fun can take many forms:

Public appearances | Homeling events | Creative activities | Games and competitions

Public appearances

Homelings® love to attract attention. You would often find them in public spaces, engaged in one of the following activities:

  • Dancing
    Dancing in glory (and bubbles)

    • Any time you find a group of Homelings in public space, they are probably dancing.
    • If they are not dancing, they are standing at attention. Standing at attention is a stationary form of dance.

  • Formations
    A Line Formation at Irem Beach

    • Homelings' love of spectacle and order leads them to stand or dance in regular formations.
    • Lines and circles are the most common, but there are many others.

    • A variation of the formation is the Dramatic Walk,
    • in which a group of Homelings walks slowly and dramatically through a public space.

  • Klenting circles
    The Homelings klent the Mall

    • A specialized form of the dance is the klenting circle.
    • A proper klent incorporates bubble machines and the Rave dance, which mimics scrubbing.

    • Derived from the verb "to clean",
    • klenting (a term coined by Homeling Elder SuperNumerate) is designed to remove dirt and bad feelings.
    • It also assists in relief of surplus human fur from anyone within the circle.
    • This relaxing service is provided free of charge by the Homeling Collective.


Homeling events

Homelings love to gather with other Homelings. And there's usually someone there capturing video footage.

Fluidic spectacles

Gathering of Winning, June 15, 2012

  • See more Fluidic Glory here


Newling Parties help the newest members of our Collective meet others and fill up their Friend Lists.


Creative activities

Homelings® love to create things. Individual Homelings are artists, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers, actors, dancers, web designers, and philosophers.

We have a large web presence, including our website Fluidic Space, a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and this wiki. Homeling articles regularly appear in HomeStation Magazine. The Homelings maintain an official thread on the PlayStation Home Forums.

A recent artistic production are our first-ever Homeling tee shirts, which you can purchase. Two different designs are available. The sale of shirts supports our website and other Homeling activities.
Inquire to homelings@gmail.com

An attractive garment for all occasions


Games and competitions

Homelings® are gamers, and we love to play!

Bowling, Sodium 2 races, Midway gatherings and other Home minigames provided the framework for many Homeling gatherings while in Home.
Homelings® also meet to compete, participating in multiplayer online games such as DC Universe Online.
Some members have created Homeling levels for LittleBigPlanet.

Homelings even create their own games


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