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Who We Are

The Homelings, in their Fluidic glory

So you wish to know who we are?

Very well, then.

We are an alien race bent on the total domination of all realms,
and their intelligent inhabitants, if any.

Just kidding.

We are a social organization that originated on the PlayStation Network's virtual community, Home.

We have MANY members, from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups, and races.
Our main goal was to help make Home a fun and friendly place. We firmly believe in respect for all respectable beings on Home, and elsewhere.

In Home, we were easily recognized by our 'alien' look. We wore the white Echochrome suit, which was obtained by scoring 2000+ points on level A of the Echochrome Arcade game located in the Bowling Alley and Indie Park.



Homelings® began in closed beta when our glorious Mother assimilated the very first of us.

Homelings® may at first appear to have a cold malevolence with only a desire to conquer without negotiation.
However, this is untrue, We only wish to spread Our Genetic Purity.
We grew swiftly in numbers and strength, but when Home went to open beta, we faced disaster.

Our friends were scattered, Motherships (Clubhouses) were destroyed.
There was confusion, and many Homelings were lost. But Mother and the Elders persevered.
They regrouped, rebuilt, and our numbers expanded rapidly.

At midnight on March 31, 2015, Home ceased to be on the PlayStation Network.
Despite this calamity, The Collective continues to grow, and await the creation of new realms to dominate on the PS4.
We welcome all respectful beings. Join us!

Common questions

  • Are you some kind of cult?

    • Of course not!

    • We do not promote any particular religious beliefs. Individual Homelings® may be of any religion. We welcome and celebrate diversity.

  • Are you some kind of military dictatorship?

    • Again of course not!

    • Despite having a large and active officer corps, the Homelings® are not particularly authoritarian.
    • We use military ranks for organizational purposes only. No one Homeling is more important than another.

    • We are many. We are one. We have no single leader. We all lead in our own best possible way.

  • Are you sure about that? Some of you seem really scary...

    • Okay, sometimes it's fun to be creepy.

    • If we liked being normal, we would look like everyone else, right?

    • But we don't mean anything by it.

  • Really?

    • Really.

  • Why do you dress like that?
    We are many, we are one

    • It's our uniform. It helps us recognize each other, and lets others recognize us.
    • It also shows a mutual respect for one another.

    • It is our trademark.

    • It was Mother (the first of the Homelings®) who, in need of a covering for protection from the intrusives of the interwebs, fashioned this suit through the discovery of the Echochrome machine.

  • Why are you bald?

    • It is inherent. Our Homeling birther was free of fur - therefore, all Homeling noggins are shiny smooth.

    • According to Homeling tradition, the Homelings® have evolved beyond the burden of this follicular infestation.

    • It's also part of our uniform. (See above.)

    • This distinctive appearance was facilitated by the introduction of the Homeling Head Extender from Lockwood. (It was a free item)

  • Can I use my other avatars after joining the Homelings®

    • Of course! You do not have to wear your Homeling avatar unless you are in an official Homeling gathering.

    • Also, in any gathering of four or more Homelings® in a public space, the call to sport your Homeling avatar may be invoked. This is known as the Rule of Four.

  • Can I belong to other groups?
    Another Home social group

    • Yes. However, as far as groups are concerned, you are a Homeling first.

    • No affiliations or involvements with hostile, disrespectful or disruptive groups will be tolerated.

  • Who's this Nosdrugis fellow, anyway?
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 28-10-2012 17-06-13a.jpg

    • Before our founder, Mother, left us to serve in Afghanistan, he assigned General Nosdrugis the role and title of "Papa", and charged him with looking after her Homeling brood.

    • General Nos has long been the public face of the Homelings®, appearing in the PlayStation Home Forums, many fine videos, and on other Home organization and social media websites.

  • Where is Mother?
    Mother's glorious return, 3/2/2011

    • Mother is around, but the pilot of Mother's avatar serves with the US Army and so is sometimes away for extended periods.

  • When Mother is around, does she take an active role in the Collective?

    • He does.

  • What's with the "®"?

    • We recently got a Trademark for the Homelings name. Isn't that cool?

  • Why?

    • Homelings® goods may some day be introduced into the real world, and any virtual world that we occupy that provides us the means.
    • When that happens, we wish to be protected.

More info

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